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Can a person with a disease in the past get a UAE visa?
By Pooja Puri, Corporate Secretary of Motei & Associates
September 4, 2018

For residence visa in the United Arab Emirates (‘UAE’), every applicant must undergo a medical test. This medical test falls under the UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention. The medical test results should be “fit”, to get further approvals for residence visa. The medical tests usually involve two steps- a blood test, and an x-ray. The blood tests are done to check for transmissible diseases, x-ray of the chest is done to check for tuberculosis.

There are various reasons why a resident visa may be rejected. Some of the reasons are as follows-

  1. Applicant has committed a criminal offence, fraud, misconduct.
  2. Applicant submitted a hand-written passport which will be automatically rejected by Immigration.
  3. Applicant had a previous employment visa, which was not cancelled, and the applicant exited the country.
  4. Applicant had applied for the tourist visa previously but did not enter the country. In such instances, the previous agency can be contacted to clear the matter with the Immigration.
  5. Applicant had applied for an employment visa previously but did not enter the country.
  6. Visa application has a typo, for ex. Errors of name, passport number, profession code, etc.
  7. The medical tests results declared the applicant as “not fit”.

Where an application for visa may be rejected because of the medical test results being “not fit”, i.e. the person fails the medical test, and the reason is because of any past disease, the applicant may submit all medical records to the Ministry to satisfy that they are fit at present.

For example, because of past disease like Tuberculosis, which has been cured fully in the present, but the medical test has been declared as “not fit” due to the scars of TB, the applicant may submit medical records to the Ministry to prove that TB has been cured completely. These medical records must be duly legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UAE Consulate in the home country and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

All existing foreign expatriates in the country, are now allowed to sponsor their spouses, family members with old scars of TB, for UAE residence visa, upon approval from relevant authorities. Hence, the Ministry has recently relaxed rules in this regard. It is to be noted that foreign expatriates are required to test for TB while renewing their visa. This rule was not applicable earlier for renewal of visa.

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